My Favorite Things

It has been awhile.
No one really reads this,(no, Im not being a boob, I check and no one reads this)
but its nice to look back & see that I'm not as boring as I assume

so heres a list of a few things I love & need:



The film industry in utah is getting larger. More films and projects are happening with a downside: instead of using local, talented, Utahns like some of the folks I have worked with.. they send people from CA and leave us locals without work. We utahns have built this small film culture here. Utah does not have a union and its taxes are quite lower then other states. So Utah is a prime place to film when you want to tighten your budget.

But I worry its slipping out of our hands and into well versed, desperate Californians. I keep debating on renting a couch in Los Angeles and looking for work there. If the situation occurs that I am called a ‘transplant’, I can rant to them about losing work from their CA transplants.

Eye for an eye.

Possible ways for me to get more jobs:

Grow facial hair – give you that ‘I don give a shit, I work too hard to be tidy’ feel

Wear a tool belt or clipboard-I have both but they don’t ever match my outfits

Act elite- don’t name drop, just first names like ‘oh me and Angelina are going to dinner when I head back to mi casa’ or walk around like an exclusive rod was implanted up my ass by some award ceremony

Talk about my next projects- inform everyone how desirable I am and how talent just pours out from all my pours

Pathetic Summer Rant

‘I love overhearing adults talking about celebrities being fat. Shut up. Its a hard industry. youre not any hotter.’

Its getting closer to swimsuit season. I don’t really know what that means actually. I live in Utah, we have lakes but not oceans. Not many places to hang out half nude. I personally don’t wear short shorts or tanks. I don’t want to bother others with my body weight. When I see someone overweight, wearing something too revealing.. I unknowingly judge them. I am in the same range of size and I find myself disgusting and sorry for others who have to look at my offensive body. Bigger girls don’t bother me, just myself. I don’t go to the gym because I feel inferior and it is useless. My bones are large and masculine. I diet but nothing works. This year just like the past few years.. I will dodge the water, the swimsuit, and even learning to swim.

Its only 5 months till fall anyways


I hear I am crazy and/or weird
I don’t know if the many people with this opinion are right,
or I am just in denial.
I wake up
slowly get ready for the day
Lets the day develop
Work if I have to
Get in pajamas
I am unsure where in that ‘normal routine’ do I show my crazy colors.
humans annoy me. Take a person and show me just their head. I bet on my mothers bible that I can tell you their outfit and aspirations.

It might be my sixth sense for being great at being judgmental.
If I described myself to you, then showed you a lineup of humans with me included, I suppose you wouldn’t pick me to match my personality.
Maybe you don’t have my sixth sense, or maybe I’m a living puzzle.

Then again I could be wrong about that one too. One thing about me that undeniable is I have a warped sense of self. If someone yells out “hey blondie” I will turn in their direction, but when a person describes me, it doesn’t sound accurate what so ever.

My fear of mirrors started when I was a teen. Seeing my own image or a photo I found ugly, made me battle a self-loathing adrenaline rush.

Looking at a large mirror image of me quickly filled my brain with a list of flaws and imperfections. The horrifying reality that someone so repulsive and unsightly was staring back. I couldn’t figure out why I would hear I was ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’ or ever ‘skinny’. Assholes. There was nothing funny about teasing me. Sarcastic remarks. Now as I look back, it was stupid of me to snap at people for their compliments or ignoring them. It made me look cocky in their eyes.

They were only trying to be nice. I’m pleading that I was just a self loathing kid.
I still avoid mirrors. I still avoid photos. I’m just more subtle about it now.

When I hear remarks of being weird or crazy, its more so from strangers, so they wouldn’t have the chance to see me dodge reflections. I’m not making up excuses, just informing you on the possibility on how I earned my judgmental sixth sense.

Thank you for meeting me.


Toofs Obsession

My obsession started as a young angie fish. I had big square teeth, with a gap you could park a small car in.
I heard all the names: Bug Bunny, bucky the beaver,Chiclets, bubbah, wabbit, hillbilly, brick mouth... etc
but lucky me finally got the best thing a tween girl could ever ask for.. no not a pony...

I got them in 8th grade at the peak of my flirting game. Little Angie Fisher, strutting her stuff down the Jr High Hallyway, with my Black Vest (to deflect attention away from my lacking chest) Skull JNCO pants, and totally awesome 2-toned hair color. Matching OF COURSE my braces rubberbands to the season. baby blue & pink for spring, yellow & orange for spring.
top... of.... my.... game.
then sadly, on May 16th of my Sophomore year.. They were tragically taken away from me.
Now, all I do is brush and floss habitually. Only drink dark sodas and most liquids with a straw (it is a tubeular fun time and to not stain them pearly whites)

Now that I’m a big girl I cant get over teeth. It’s pretty much my first insecurity. Like a first kiss or a first horror movie. You wont forget. So when I meet someone with a good set of chompers, I like to compliment. Ive even asked people if I could brush their teeth (jokingly of course) but Ive had a few actually say YES.

I highly doubt this love/obsession is unhealthy, but Id rather love something like good hygiene then something negative.

[side note: smokers break my heart. How can you? besides ruining your body and lungs… YOUR TEETH! Your poor precious teeth!]

Even celebrities obsess with me. (yes I DID google that) a lassie named Fearne Cotton who works with Simon Cowell says he " ... is jealous of her gnashers".. "He's got a teeth obsession. I’ve got quite massive front teeth and I think he’s quite envious."

man Ive got some Chiclets teeth.. He would LOVE me.

Here’s a few lovely photos I have come across that makes me smile
(puns are funs)

Tree house

Remember when the idea of a Tree house was the best thing to happen inside your brain?
My family didnt have any large trees or area to build something so iconic to childhood. It also didnt help that my dad was VERY involved in anything that could possibly change the landscape of his glorious yard. Maybe those 2 reasons might be some that drove these adults to build these Tree houses.
Ive been surfing today. Please enjoy what I surf on my free time.

The Monstro Tree House
Its 8’-10’ recycled hollowed out log. The total height of the structure is 18'.
The log has about a 4'x4' hollow area in the center of the log that doubles as a playhouse.
You can also take a staircase up to the rear balcony

British Columbia
Get this: You can actually RENT these FREE SPIRIT SPHERES
About $44,700 to buy and install; $134 for one-night rental
Looking like something out of an Ewok village in Return of the Jedi??
These thingies were built to be sanctums for meditation.
most hang from at least three trees, and may include power, sound, and telephone wiring, as well as a sink. they also rents out his spheres on a per-night basis.

Cedar Spire (Fife, Scotland)
Seeking to both bring new life to their lightning-struck 500-year-old cedar tree and facilitate an attractive play space for their children, the owners sought help from The Treehouse Co. to give this tree details like: stained-glass windows, conical roofs and a balcony that's perfect for playing Rapunzel. (psshhhh I still would sooo do that)

Interior Canopy Tree House
worth - $18,800
Created by O2 Sustainability Tree Houses
Quote from their founder Dustin Feider on why they create monsterous treehouses: Tree houses are "..usually made of super heavy beams" ..“In the tree house world, people don’t explore alternative materials" “Our philosophy is to get people interested in the environment in their own backyard.”

His spherical creations, normally 13 feet in diameter and accessed by a basket lift, have very little detrimental impact on the trees from which they suspend.

(Couldnt find anymore info on this bad boy, sorri)

Toronto, Canada
By Lukasz Kos
this three-level hexagonal structure, which wraps around four trees overlooking Ontario’s Lake Muskoka. “The soaring projection of tree trunks into the enveloping canopy of the forest leads the users of 4treehouse to incrementally begin their ascent into this otherwise hidden world,” Kos says.

Okay, Ill stop now. Bye.

WINNER of the Fat and Beautiful Israeli Beauty Pageant

I Hope Curves become stylish again.
No matter how much I dislike Marlyn Monroe.. I still love that she was a size 12

here is the winner Miss Moran Barannes
the weight category is 175-265 pounds (80-120 kg)
40 women from all across the country or Israel participated in this contest

Fat and Beautiful Israeli Beauty Pageant


Broke Up

Dear TheAngelFisher,
Sorry I broke it off with you for more then a month. Ive been working/unemployed and have been awfully busy.
Most recently, I worked on lovely project with some really good people. It was called Cloak & Dagger after the comic book series.

I received my first hate mail.. If you dislike me, or what I post, or just have a bad attitude towards people, then just get off my page. Ignorance and hatred are bad fuels, and if you choose to read my post, then I hope you have good intentions. The hate mail i received didnt upset me or hurt my feelings. I felt sorry for the bored and pathetic individual who wasted their time.

ANYWAYS... Here are a few bugs covered in water droplets. neat right?


High Five For Good Ski Times

So the Producer that owes me money… (read pervious post below)
Still hasn’t paid me… or.. Contacted me…. or… Even have the decency to answer my phone calls.
I totally didn’t see that coming dude.

But I’ve had some other thing to occupy my mind.
My exquisite friend Kyle was in town for Sundance. I met him at High School Musical.
[click here for back story]

I was at a party at Sundance & a live band called Red Arrow Messenger were playing some classic rock and 90s cover songs. Out of all these beautiful people watching this intense & energetic atmosphere.. no one was really dancing.

I started flashdancing & ska kicking by myself, till Lindsey came down stairs & joined me. we were such a spectacle.

After awhile I was way too hot to stay indoors, so without a jacket or breath, we went outside to cool off… then around the corner pops out Kyle. I had no bloody clue he was even in Utah, let alone around the corner.

Anywho. I haven’t been skiing since last year, but I was in the mood.
Sooo me, Kyle, Kiki my sister, Laura, & Lindsey Platt-Watson decided to go.

I woke up at 8 am & attempted to stay awake & get ready for a day on the stunning white slopes of Snowbird Ski Resort.

Kiki and Laura headed up the mountain before the rest of us, and did a few runs. I went and picked up the Lindsey. She wore JEANS under her snow pants! Why the crumbles didn’t I think of that?

I wore ghetto old poo man thermals. My legs looked like waffle pancakes by the end of the day.
We picked up Kyle and sang down the
Parleys Canyon. Bought some badass breakfast burritos and headed UP the Little Cottonwood Canyon to our final destination.
Kiki and Laura are actually really good boarders. Honestly, I think I was under the impression I was a wee bit better then what was obvious on that mountain.
Lets just say… I perfected the facecartwheel.
Lets also say… my skiing abilities needs their own reality show.

Lindsey accepted the fact that I am not a pro skier. So she stuck with me. We both madeout WITH the snow.. numerous times…. dirty sluts. The rest of our party (Kiki, Kyle & Laura) rode harder runs. Those humans wrecked the small area of powder left, due to the random warm day that iced once-lovely snow.
…At the same time, Lindsey and I kept running the easy greens.

On our last run, I literally lost my ski 4 times. It took us almost an hour to get down. Old poo men in snowjumpuits even trash-talked on my ski abilities. I think we took a wrong path somewhere. We had to hoof it back to a normal run.

I was finally pooped, I lost my ski again, so me & my partner in crime had a little detour.. we sat in the snow, in the middle of some trees. Great view.
We made a fictional story on why it took us so long to get down the last run:
That THE PRESIDENT OF DUBAI came RUSHING down the mountain with his security personnel he cut us off and we were FORCED to go on a black diamond run. After that.. there were some mountain men who needed help gathering sap from trees, so they could eat pancakes. After that, a group of orphans that were getting ski lessons… and became very lost and scared, so we saved them.

Of course, yeah know.. just doin our duty. Justaaa…. Being good citizens.

After the ski adventure.. Kiki & Laura went home. Me, Linds, & Kyle went to In&Out Burger and headed over to a party.
It was some douche’esque openhouse party to meet up with Whitney. She is a fancy flower that I also met at High School Musical. Everyone at the party were just… too…. Too pretty. I think most of the guys there spend more money on tanning products then I do on my uninsured car. Oh and I wont EVER forget the eyebrows... aaaaaannnnd
I thought the cholita girls I mentor have some bad brows. This whole crowd had them all slicked sideways, plucked, waxed and immoveable.

I felt very out of place, but trying my best to be a good sport. Allll I wanted to do is pee. I was eating snow (forcefully) all day and its time to end the horror. The bathroom upstairs had a couple pressed against it. The bathroom downstairs smells like a former bad situation and the one on the middle floor was right next to the chocolate fondue fountain. Which had a crowd of people way too close for comfort. Finally.. after the couple left my sanctuary, I celebrated my good-patience victory.
then sat on/around Lindsey as Kyle mingled with all the babes. Oh, randomly a stereotypical snowborderbro, heard me say ‘I want to dance’.

Snowbro, walked over to me, in a Danny Zuko fashion, took me by the hand, brought me to my feet. He dipped, flipped and danced with me like a Disney princess.

Then left.

It was the most interesting way I have met a guy. I don’t even know his name.

Then the night finally passed on and I took everyone home.

High five!