High Five For Good Ski Times

So the Producer that owes me money… (read pervious post below)
Still hasn’t paid me… or.. Contacted me…. or… Even have the decency to answer my phone calls.
I totally didn’t see that coming dude.

But I’ve had some other thing to occupy my mind.
My exquisite friend Kyle was in town for Sundance. I met him at High School Musical.
[click here for back story]

I was at a party at Sundance & a live band called Red Arrow Messenger were playing some classic rock and 90s cover songs. Out of all these beautiful people watching this intense & energetic atmosphere.. no one was really dancing.

I started flashdancing & ska kicking by myself, till Lindsey came down stairs & joined me. we were such a spectacle.

After awhile I was way too hot to stay indoors, so without a jacket or breath, we went outside to cool off… then around the corner pops out Kyle. I had no bloody clue he was even in Utah, let alone around the corner.

Anywho. I haven’t been skiing since last year, but I was in the mood.
Sooo me, Kyle, Kiki my sister, Laura, & Lindsey Platt-Watson decided to go.

I woke up at 8 am & attempted to stay awake & get ready for a day on the stunning white slopes of Snowbird Ski Resort.

Kiki and Laura headed up the mountain before the rest of us, and did a few runs. I went and picked up the Lindsey. She wore JEANS under her snow pants! Why the crumbles didn’t I think of that?

I wore ghetto old poo man thermals. My legs looked like waffle pancakes by the end of the day.
We picked up Kyle and sang down the
Parleys Canyon. Bought some badass breakfast burritos and headed UP the Little Cottonwood Canyon to our final destination.
Kiki and Laura are actually really good boarders. Honestly, I think I was under the impression I was a wee bit better then what was obvious on that mountain.
Lets just say… I perfected the facecartwheel.
Lets also say… my skiing abilities needs their own reality show.

Lindsey accepted the fact that I am not a pro skier. So she stuck with me. We both madeout WITH the snow.. numerous times…. dirty sluts. The rest of our party (Kiki, Kyle & Laura) rode harder runs. Those humans wrecked the small area of powder left, due to the random warm day that iced once-lovely snow.
…At the same time, Lindsey and I kept running the easy greens.

On our last run, I literally lost my ski 4 times. It took us almost an hour to get down. Old poo men in snowjumpuits even trash-talked on my ski abilities. I think we took a wrong path somewhere. We had to hoof it back to a normal run.

I was finally pooped, I lost my ski again, so me & my partner in crime had a little detour.. we sat in the snow, in the middle of some trees. Great view.
We made a fictional story on why it took us so long to get down the last run:
That THE PRESIDENT OF DUBAI came RUSHING down the mountain with his security personnel he cut us off and we were FORCED to go on a black diamond run. After that.. there were some mountain men who needed help gathering sap from trees, so they could eat pancakes. After that, a group of orphans that were getting ski lessons… and became very lost and scared, so we saved them.

Of course, yeah know.. just doin our duty. Justaaa…. Being good citizens.

After the ski adventure.. Kiki & Laura went home. Me, Linds, & Kyle went to In&Out Burger and headed over to a party.
It was some douche’esque openhouse party to meet up with Whitney. She is a fancy flower that I also met at High School Musical. Everyone at the party were just… too…. Too pretty. I think most of the guys there spend more money on tanning products then I do on my uninsured car. Oh and I wont EVER forget the eyebrows... aaaaaannnnd
I thought the cholita girls I mentor have some bad brows. This whole crowd had them all slicked sideways, plucked, waxed and immoveable.

I felt very out of place, but trying my best to be a good sport. Allll I wanted to do is pee. I was eating snow (forcefully) all day and its time to end the horror. The bathroom upstairs had a couple pressed against it. The bathroom downstairs smells like a former bad situation and the one on the middle floor was right next to the chocolate fondue fountain. Which had a crowd of people way too close for comfort. Finally.. after the couple left my sanctuary, I celebrated my good-patience victory.
then sat on/around Lindsey as Kyle mingled with all the babes. Oh, randomly a stereotypical snowborderbro, heard me say ‘I want to dance’.

Snowbro, walked over to me, in a Danny Zuko fashion, took me by the hand, brought me to my feet. He dipped, flipped and danced with me like a Disney princess.

Then left.

It was the most interesting way I have met a guy. I don’t even know his name.

Then the night finally passed on and I took everyone home.

High five!

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