The film industry in utah is getting larger. More films and projects are happening with a downside: instead of using local, talented, Utahns like some of the folks I have worked with.. they send people from CA and leave us locals without work. We utahns have built this small film culture here. Utah does not have a union and its taxes are quite lower then other states. So Utah is a prime place to film when you want to tighten your budget.

But I worry its slipping out of our hands and into well versed, desperate Californians. I keep debating on renting a couch in Los Angeles and looking for work there. If the situation occurs that I am called a ‘transplant’, I can rant to them about losing work from their CA transplants.

Eye for an eye.

Possible ways for me to get more jobs:

Grow facial hair – give you that ‘I don give a shit, I work too hard to be tidy’ feel

Wear a tool belt or clipboard-I have both but they don’t ever match my outfits

Act elite- don’t name drop, just first names like ‘oh me and Angelina are going to dinner when I head back to mi casa’ or walk around like an exclusive rod was implanted up my ass by some award ceremony

Talk about my next projects- inform everyone how desirable I am and how talent just pours out from all my pours

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