So in hopes to grab on tight to young Fish
My old guy friends were having a boys night. I decided to join.
BACKTRACK- “old guy friends” is probly not the best wording for that. I might have mentioned them before. I met them on set for [High School Musical] I was in between jobs and being an extra in a movie is quick easy $$$chingching$$$. Lucky for me I have a youngishface. I started being an extra, and eventually ran into the film crew that I’ve met on past projects. So I started to have buddies.
Then, after one day filming the basketball scene (it took like, 2 bloody long weeks for that short scene) I saw a guy with delicious ringlet blonde/brown fro.. down to his shoulders. We was with a group of boys who look like they should have been the cast of High School Musical. Pretty, well groomed fellas.
I walked up to the fro boy said he had nice hair, some one said “bite it then” so I did. I bit this owner of luscious lock’s hair.
Then walked away. Didn’t see those boys again till we rode a bus to a film a night scene. I kept crackin jokes and they were all stoked about it. Kept talking to me. They were beautiful, funny guys. I kept hanging out with them and this girl whitney tll the end of shooting. I didn’t see a problem with it. Most people that were extras were over 18 due to legality and curfew. Which was broken a lot since we filmed so many scenes over, and over. Then I finally asked what schools they WENT to.
“Went to? We still go to Roy High” oh my holy Hannah.
Im hanging out with smart little boys.
Im a creep. A freaky weird creep that should burn in hell.
When I told them I was 21.. they thought I was joking. I know plenty of guys MY age who SLEEP with girls their age. I’ve just never thought of it as a good idea. I ditched them for a few days and just thought that…. I’m glad I met decent good guys. And if anything, they should be my friend to know they can count on me as a big sis. Plus I am quite immature myself and find fart jokes hilarious. So anyways im friends with guys 6 years younger then me. Judge me.
Finally a boys night.

Its about a 45min drive up to Roy from my place. I blasted my ipod. Till it died, then had to listen to talk radio since fm sucks knuckles.

BREAKDOWN DUN DUN of the night
Walked into a convo of porn on a bus
Picked jake up from work
He brought us mannequins
Mannequin arm sword fight
Found out one started smoking, slapped him outside of little Caesars
Watched everyone play on computers
Watched Weston play some kind of video gamey thingie
Watched Jordan play with some girls stained underwear
Cannon and dan make crafts then destroying each others
Watching cannon and dan fight
Moses sits quietly
Watch some youtube
Everyone leaves
driving home @ 5 am listening to Cover songs by 4 year strong


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