Toofs Obsession

My obsession started as a young angie fish. I had big square teeth, with a gap you could park a small car in.
I heard all the names: Bug Bunny, bucky the beaver,Chiclets, bubbah, wabbit, hillbilly, brick mouth... etc
but lucky me finally got the best thing a tween girl could ever ask for.. no not a pony...

I got them in 8th grade at the peak of my flirting game. Little Angie Fisher, strutting her stuff down the Jr High Hallyway, with my Black Vest (to deflect attention away from my lacking chest) Skull JNCO pants, and totally awesome 2-toned hair color. Matching OF COURSE my braces rubberbands to the season. baby blue & pink for spring, yellow & orange for spring.
top... of.... my.... game.
then sadly, on May 16th of my Sophomore year.. They were tragically taken away from me.
Now, all I do is brush and floss habitually. Only drink dark sodas and most liquids with a straw (it is a tubeular fun time and to not stain them pearly whites)

Now that I’m a big girl I cant get over teeth. It’s pretty much my first insecurity. Like a first kiss or a first horror movie. You wont forget. So when I meet someone with a good set of chompers, I like to compliment. Ive even asked people if I could brush their teeth (jokingly of course) but Ive had a few actually say YES.

I highly doubt this love/obsession is unhealthy, but Id rather love something like good hygiene then something negative.

[side note: smokers break my heart. How can you? besides ruining your body and lungs… YOUR TEETH! Your poor precious teeth!]

Even celebrities obsess with me. (yes I DID google that) a lassie named Fearne Cotton who works with Simon Cowell says he " ... is jealous of her gnashers".. "He's got a teeth obsession. I’ve got quite massive front teeth and I think he’s quite envious."

man Ive got some Chiclets teeth.. He would LOVE me.

Here’s a few lovely photos I have come across that makes me smile
(puns are funs)

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