Tree house

Remember when the idea of a Tree house was the best thing to happen inside your brain?
My family didnt have any large trees or area to build something so iconic to childhood. It also didnt help that my dad was VERY involved in anything that could possibly change the landscape of his glorious yard. Maybe those 2 reasons might be some that drove these adults to build these Tree houses.
Ive been surfing today. Please enjoy what I surf on my free time.

The Monstro Tree House
Its 8’-10’ recycled hollowed out log. The total height of the structure is 18'.
The log has about a 4'x4' hollow area in the center of the log that doubles as a playhouse.
You can also take a staircase up to the rear balcony

British Columbia
Get this: You can actually RENT these FREE SPIRIT SPHERES
About $44,700 to buy and install; $134 for one-night rental
Looking like something out of an Ewok village in Return of the Jedi??
These thingies were built to be sanctums for meditation.
most hang from at least three trees, and may include power, sound, and telephone wiring, as well as a sink. they also rents out his spheres on a per-night basis.

Cedar Spire (Fife, Scotland)
Seeking to both bring new life to their lightning-struck 500-year-old cedar tree and facilitate an attractive play space for their children, the owners sought help from The Treehouse Co. to give this tree details like: stained-glass windows, conical roofs and a balcony that's perfect for playing Rapunzel. (psshhhh I still would sooo do that)

Interior Canopy Tree House
worth - $18,800
Created by O2 Sustainability Tree Houses
Quote from their founder Dustin Feider on why they create monsterous treehouses: Tree houses are "..usually made of super heavy beams" ..“In the tree house world, people don’t explore alternative materials" “Our philosophy is to get people interested in the environment in their own backyard.”

His spherical creations, normally 13 feet in diameter and accessed by a basket lift, have very little detrimental impact on the trees from which they suspend.

(Couldnt find anymore info on this bad boy, sorri)

Toronto, Canada
By Lukasz Kos
this three-level hexagonal structure, which wraps around four trees overlooking Ontario’s Lake Muskoka. “The soaring projection of tree trunks into the enveloping canopy of the forest leads the users of 4treehouse to incrementally begin their ascent into this otherwise hidden world,” Kos says.

Okay, Ill stop now. Bye.

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