Pathetic Summer Rant

‘I love overhearing adults talking about celebrities being fat. Shut up. Its a hard industry. youre not any hotter.’

Its getting closer to swimsuit season. I don’t really know what that means actually. I live in Utah, we have lakes but not oceans. Not many places to hang out half nude. I personally don’t wear short shorts or tanks. I don’t want to bother others with my body weight. When I see someone overweight, wearing something too revealing.. I unknowingly judge them. I am in the same range of size and I find myself disgusting and sorry for others who have to look at my offensive body. Bigger girls don’t bother me, just myself. I don’t go to the gym because I feel inferior and it is useless. My bones are large and masculine. I diet but nothing works. This year just like the past few years.. I will dodge the water, the swimsuit, and even learning to swim.

Its only 5 months till fall anyways

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