Next Few Days Shooting Sundance

6am my Producer finally calls. He’s sorry, his phone died. He doesn’t ‘get’ why he needs to pay my car towing bill. It wasn’t his fault he ditched me.
It just happened.

Second day was just as hectic. I had to borrow cash from Lindsey, my friend Cat, my Family.
Just to get the car out of impound.
We filmed more shots.
I had to find my Zen, align my chakras, breathe heavily, pray to everyone and everything to keep a professional and straight face.

We finished after my Producer ignored me, and tells the crew and talent he paid for my car to get out of impound (he didn’t) and finally, runs into me at one of the last days filming, with his wife, to let me know..

"Gurrrrl you are one hard worker, an I’m going to do You a FAVOR, and HELP you pay ta get your car outa impound, cause I’m a man of my word and I’ll take care of you rall good”

Um thanks. Its out of impound. Now I have to pay everyone back.
He still hasn’t paid me.

Best part: Ran into my old friend Kyle on the Streets of Park City. He was going to grab some dinner. While he is in town, we are going to try to go skiing.
Made some good connections and had a nasty taste of the reality of the film industry.

Worst part: saw my mandatory celebrity crush, stood inches away from him at the bar, ordered a water, and caught eyes with him, then blushed and walked away.

I am THE all time champion flirt.
I am ashamed of you Angel Fisher.
I should have at least pinched him weeee little bum or something.

I hope from all this and meeting such nice and fun people, I might get more jobs and make better money in the future.
Also, It was thrown out to me that the talent wants me to go on a national Tour, then a tour around Spain. Wowza! I don’t think I want that to actually happen unless something changes…. COUGHfiretheproducerCOUGH

I was also asked by the amazing Lindsey to assist for an upcoming short film.

And on our last drive home from filming, she and I made up some funny random skits that we want to make.


I’m going to start writing scripts for them next time I feel eager to do it.

High Five.

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