My Job at Sundance

Angel the Personal Assistants (written) schedule so far:

9pm Appear at surprise (poorly planned) party for the talent
10:15pm Get talent on bus, head to Club to perform, film talent talking about what will happen tonight, take filler shots of talent on bus, outside, and freestyle singing
10:30pm Be INSIDE club, mingle and promote the talent
11pm Talent Performs, film talent, check lighting, take still shots
11:45pm Handout cards, mingle, sell talent, and take photos of talent with known celebrities and good networking personnel
12am Head to Harryos (lovely club) mingle, promote talent, film talent in Harryos

Reality aka Boss/Producer Andrew Schedule

9pm Drink on bus
10pm Go to party, drink, hug a lot, drink, bring up all the famous people you know, drink
10:45pm Go to another parking lot, film everyone fighting, get in a Hummer
(REMEMBER THIS: I was told by boss we have permission to leave my car in that parking-lot)
11pm Head late to club, unable to get the film crew inside, ditch film crew
11:30pm Realize NOW that the talent wasn’t even scheduled to play tonight, DUH, meet up with rich ladies
12am Tote around rich ladies, lose rich lady phone, his phone dies, gets upset, drinks
1am take half of the talent, go to Harryos, doesn’t tell anyone else besides drunk girls, forgets to inform assistant (ME) where he is going then leaves assistant with no form of contact in other bar

After that,

I just followed the film crew to a different party, in hopes that my Producer will call them to contact me. OR just contacts them in general just to be a gentleman.

The party was a BLAST. I wish the talent had come with us because it was such a good time. There was a live DJ and wall to wall of random folks who just want to mingle, network and have a great time. I was with Lindsey. She is the other Personal Assistant that is working more for film crew Producer, I am more for the band Producer. Lucky her L We were the only ones dancing for quite sometime. It wasn’t any dirty dancing, it was the old fashioned lawn mower, the sprinkler, the running man, the worst version of the moonwalk, etc. by the end we had a good majority following us.
We danced and I flirted my bum off.
Flirted L sad face too..

THE DAY BEFORE: I asked studlystud why he was acting funny. He told me he wanted to

“date you angel, and like.. be friends, but then not feel guilty to flirt with other girls.
I want to enjoy the college experience”

Um…….. no. I will not be downgraded just so you can get you boing-on with college chicks.
I understand that long distance relationships are hard, but I would have hoped that I would be worth it.
So I said

“It’s either; we work on us, & keep what we have,
I don’t want any contact with you.

I don’t want to be just friends. I don’t want to hear about your day, or what you are doing or who you are dating. If you are giving up on me, then I don’t want you around”

And that was it. He didn’t see this going long term.
I hung-up.
Its over.
Crazy right?
Anyways, I’m jaded. The end of that.
I wanted to keep dancing, my Producer never calls. So I asked Lindsay to stay with me till the party ends at 4am. She did, then she got a ride from her Producer, I can’t get a hold of mine, so I can’t ride the Hummer back to my car. I don’t have money for a taxi. Finale: Hitchhiked a ride down to the parking-lot.

My car was towed. I’m in the middle of a parking-lot in Park City, UT. No car, to get it out will cost me $200. and I need a ride to the impound. I can’t get a hold of my Producer. I live in Salt Lake, which is over an hour drive. And it’s now 4:30 am.

I hitched a ride with a nice fellow named Zach and I gave him all the energy drinks I stole from the party to pay for gas.

Time that I am home, in bed 7am


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