First Day Shooting Sundance

I have some small, tiny, strange, weird, form of respect for my fellow man
so..... I will not be using real names or labels.

So I left you with…..
I was offered a job working as a Personal Assistant for a TV show during Sundance.

The difference between a PRODUCTION Assistant and a PERSONAL Assistant is-
Production- all the errands, running around, getting coffee, keeps tabs on where the talent is located, do shout-outs i.e. "rolling" "flashing", checking schedules, etc for the producers and crew on set.

Personal- Is someone who assists in daily business and personal tasks. Checks schedules, time change, and does all the “bitch work” for the ONE person you are working for.

So more or less..
I am a babysitter of a person or group of adults.
You know it’s my genre
& Everyone starts somewhere
This is where I started.
Such a bad ..bad.. choice.

I show up at (as I was told to) at 5pm on the dot..HOLLA at the Walmart parking lot.
I waited for a half hour then called my boss (Producer “Andrew, lets name him that”)
He said he was on his way. LIES! At 6:45pm he is finally on location, I introduce myself to the talent, and start asking around and try to write up the schedule for the night and next few days.
No one has a bloody clue on what is going on.
My boss, ignores me.. and chats up the group of admiring, young, scantily dressed young ladies that were hanging out with the talent.
Don’t get me wrong, these girls were sweet, but their only grounds on being there was:

To make the talent look like “badass pimp laday killas”

So of course, they were getting the girls drunk.

to be Continued.....

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