Happy (late) Birthday 2010!

I have many things that have happened!
Its already 2010 and I have much to catch the world up on

First things first:

[ Sundance Film Festival ]

....is a film festival that takes place annually in the state of Utah, in the United States.

Every year my friend and I crash it and go to random parties and walk the Main Street and mingle with strangers. We pretend we are different folks. I usually have been Mandy from Texas, and we just madea littla filmmm and we want yall to see it but they didnt pick us for show it, but we deeecided to come up here anywayss to network and whatnot.
Its loads of fun. But this year… I’ll actually be working it.

Strange right?

First, using fake ID with fake accents and getting into clubs with horrible long lines.
Then, getting a job and actually being apart of the celebration.

My job: Personal Assistant

For: The Producer

Wowza .

This girl, riiiight here? lucky dog lucky dog lucky dog.
I am excited but scared, nervous.
I have been an assistant before,......but not for an actual film crew.
Its been for cranky band dudes.
I know I can handle that.
I can manage taking care of 70 teens. So this will (hopefully) be a snap
*snap *snap *snap *snap

also, Studlystud is coming up to Salt Lake to watch a band play. He told me that he 'must' hangout with the friends he is coming with or it would be rude. but I want to be selfish. I want to see him. I want to be rude.

I dont know what tomorrow will bring

lets just make sure i dont piss myself

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