Tomorrows Youth

Well good evening world.

Hi, im still Angel Fisher, and I have 2 jobs.
1. i am a small promoter for one of Salt Lake Cities Largest concert Company. I get the word out about upcoming shows and events by handing out flyers, text, emails, and managing a street team.
2. I am a Counselor/Mentor for a Boys and Girls Club. I am the “big sister” to the teens in the program. I pick them up from school, teach classes about self worth and how to be their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Both are hard to do, and both are amazing. In comparison, I grew up quite differently then the teens I teach. However, that’s why I got into this kind of job in the first place. I adore it. I adore all the teens. We have over 70 signed up and only 3 staff, but they all come and go, so the high number isn’t constant.
So, today was a good day at work. One of our employees is having a birthday, so my boss bought her a cake.
All the kids sang and a girl even gave her a ring right off her finger.
Woot woot.
ps. i cant find my dang retainer. I've been searching for days, and boyyy do my teeth hurt.
so my darling is back from Mexico, and I’m waiting for his phone call and my brother errr ummmm yeahhh. He is coming back into town for the holidays this weekend.

Happy Friday.

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