Found this, oldies but goodie

is it okay for me to surrender? i wish that you have it figured out
not the one sought out for me to be call me normal
pretened this is not so ordinary
one more number in your black book
say hi and goodbye like it was meant to fool your fans
your not so innocent your living like a child;
getting everything you want their hearts are breaking
you dont care all the poems written about you
feed the fire of acting act so caring your motive is so selfish yet you pretend again,
but this time to pretend you understood
i want to ruin everything about you
see you cry in defeat
put up your white flag and ask for mercy
as the blade rubs into your face or shoud i say mask?
underneath your just a scared little boy playing house with the hoes that you meet you live a lie i live for self understanding i hate you and yet i knew it all along.........

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