Well done.You get a prize

PS! Oh my gosh the biggest p.s. I could ever say!
Im a big fan of the glamour Hollywood style. And I love love love the maculine yet sexy style of Katharine Hepburn
I have wanted a pair of the oxford shoes she loved wearing.

Side note: If I ever have the chance to pop out kids, I would name them dudes …Oxford, Allistar, Kolledge, Moxon,… and the beezies…Evette, Connelly, Obri, Moxie, Harvey…

I love x its such a strong letter and it means a lot to me. Pathetic, I know.

Always, OXFORD shoes just came to the store forever 21 for GIRLS. I found it online, I called the store every other day, and then would randomly show to up see if they came in yet.
I decided if I get a car, start to handle my bills, and throw away 10 item of old clothing, I was allowing myself to purchase those amazing shoes.

Then….. dum dum dum…. I went to the store….
My lovely new pal Mariko was working. (I met her thru the lovely moshie, the sweetest guy at a concert. Some beezie was saying rude things about me and she stuck up for me. My ladyknight in glttery armor) anyways, she was there, I told her the shoes.. and she said the sheos ave been there awhile and she bought the last pair in my size…
So I have been chasing a stoooopid pair of shoes. I dedicated time and gas for a stupid pair of shoes. I cant believe that was my motivation to get on track and the stupid pair of shoes weren’t even in my size.

Then… a light came on inside my skull: I have skinny feet and I have been wrecking shoes for ages with this technique.

I learned a shoes stretching talent from a chick in CA I worked with. You take your feet, cover them in mineral oil… or even veggie oil if your desperate. Then load on some thickkk lotion..
If it squishes your toes, pour a das in the toe of the shoes, then wear the shoes and stop around the house. Do weird dance moves and move your feet in weird positions to strech it in all ways possible. REMBMER the oil might discolor the shoes, sometimes it looks really coo, but if your afraid of that, rub in some oil in top of the shoe somewhere that people wouldn’t notice.

when you sweat and wear shoes a lot, you release oils. So your just speeding up the procress, it works even better if you have a crappy shoes made of ghetto material. Knockoff leather works best.
So I did that.
I bought them a size too small

God bless china for their poorly made shoes.

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