Concert Attack attack / Color Morale

Worked another show. I never heard of any of the bands.
( Attack Attack!, I Set My Friends On Fire, Miss May I, Our Last Night and The Color Morale)
Littlesister was working hard. Harrrd worker. much going for the wee patawon. I see a lot of myself in her. Her love for everyone, the way she can advocate with all types of people. How she wants to be involved with music. I keep telling people I meet in the industry that if they have any openings for merch, I want her to do it. Shes a hard worker and deserves so much.
Anyways, I actually liked the music, it was hard enough to think, and happy enough to dance. I went into the pit
It was terrible, I was bullhitting everyone and even guys were thrown down by me.
I felt like a BEAST
It had no balls. It was a bit depressing. I miss the good old days when I was a teen and I could actually get an adrenaline rush.
The good old days:
The venues will have the lone wolves leaning on the back walls, framing the back of the room, looking at their cell phones, or be young hot girls.. wanting to dress indie-esque, and pose for a band boy to walk by and spot them.
The back crowd, will dance and sing along, usually be with scared friends, first timers, with their mate (usually making out during choruses) the middle is the people that want to observe and take in the moment, usually older crowd who knows all the words, but don’t sing along,
The middle: 2 kinds of people.. the folks who want to be closer to the exit, want to sing loudly in hopes to get attention. Also, launch pad for crowd surf. Its also the zone for The PIT.
you could spot the whirlpool of sweaty guys with ripped shirts and bloody noses. Smells like shit and is a blur of confused upset teens, beating the bloody sin out of each other by weird fast movements, running back and forth and primitive dance moves. Then you get the good handful of MEN who got tattoos from a buddies basement, hardxcore clothes online or other shows.. rather then hot topic.. throwing punches, pushing an entire crowd, and with all teeth showing, talking shit, with knees bent for stability. (those men are usually the first to sellout of badassness and marry the first babe who wants a “bad boy”)
And the front: the dedicated group who waited in line a few extra hours to get front row, get smashed against barriers to be soaked in each others sweat and pray for the chance to touch their idols. There is no logic to their outfits, either there is thought, hidng car keys in their shoes,
Wear sports bras, or clothes that wont show sweat. Or the idiots who bring purses that get stolen or knocked to the floor, heels or flip flops or gawdy makeup that smears joker style.
Note: crowd surfers are either girls who don’t mind a couple over-their-heads mini molestations or young teen boys who don’t have money or valuables to fall out of their pockets, that are getting far too obsessed wit the “moment”

That was then I was a wee lass.
Now it sucks knuckles.

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