Sorry its been awhile.
If you don’t know me, or do ,and need a reminder..
I have this disorder in which I just love everything and everyone.
Then reality will randomly slap me in the face and I will rant and rave about changing myself and the world around me
No, this isn’t a lady.down.there.party.time problem
I just hate seeing bad things happen to good people.
Or when I just put so much hope in a bucket, then something tips it over.
So I said in THIS recent notorious rant

“I will never surrender
to become something less
Straight Edge till Death “

I’m think I want this on my body
Another tattoo.
Hmmmmm lets see if I don’t chicken out.
Yess I probly will. So I have an amazing lovely guy friend in Ohio. He is a tattoo artist. A smart funny, asshole of a guy. I absolutely adore him. I asked him to draw me something up, and if I ever go out to ohio again, I want him to do it.
Not sure where tho on this living carcass of mine.
Seeing how my body is flowing…. There is a good possibility im going to be a tubby grandma and I don’t want something stretched out to the point of intelligible.

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