skin sin sink or swim

today NOV 20th
I have made up a program for work.. it’s a lot to type so ill doooo it later. But yeah, a lot of people are getting interested in it, so cross your lovely fingers for me. It will really benefit the kids I mentor.
So MISS MURRAY this sweet doll came down to work to talk to the kids of the importance of graduating and going to school, and 17 kids went up to the class, and in the middle 8 of the “cool kids” all got up at the same time and left while she was talking.
I ripped then a new butthole for treating miss murray that way. You could tell she was offended. She didn’t need to take time out of her schedule so teens could use their ghastly manners. I am makng it nuther goal to teach these kids better manners.

Cousin Erin surprised me at work. She brought her beautiful and lovely friend Jasmine. She told me today is the day, and WE are going downtown and getting tattoos.
My heart was goooing ballistic. I didn’t even know what to get. I want to get “Liverpool” and “Saxony” in cursive somewhere. Those are the cities my parents were born in. I’m very proud of my heritage. Plus those words just look badass. I wish I could be more cultured, maybe someday I can go to England or germany and see all the places my parents talked about. I feel superior knowing my parents came from diverse and historic places. They have both been through so much so young. I hope my life is at least half an interesting as theirs.
I always lose track!
I decided on two small tattoos that are simple, well hidden and can represent me. Im not a serious or xhardxcorex person.
soo If I could take something simple
to positively explain me: loving, flawed, and working hard to be a good person.
So I got a heart, that is meant to look like a birthmark.
To “love my flaws”
To accept myself.

& one that I have been joking about for quite a long timmey
I pride myself on being abstinent.
Andddd boy oohh boy do I like to just kiss.
Simply kiss. It such a sweet innocent task.
I was a wee bit obsessed wit the history or the word “kiss”
Here’s wikipedias kiss definition

So I got “kiss me” in the inside of my lip.
You can only see it If I pull my bottom lip down
Because of the skin in the mouths constant regenerating, it will only last a few years. But yeah. My mouf is baller.

I was going to get this tattoo with cat my best buddie however, I have been trying to avoid going out and not focusing on work. Plus Cousin Erin did it as a surprise and I don’t have the heart to say no to her good-hearted gesture to help me do something spontaneous to get out of my funk.
Man, I feel like a woman. Do do du do doot dud du

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