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Ah, random thought of post before
I also made friends with a exquisite lass @ High School Musical
This sweet religious bubbly blonde named Whitney. in the movie, they were throwing a party. I see this girl in a pokadot red shirt… running around like a nutcase, giggling. Talking to everyone and saying hi to the back of peoples heads. She ran up to a group of “future actors” aka hopefuls/hopeless and sat with them and stared chatting.
I loved her. It was friends at first site. I squatted down right beside her and chatted her ear off. We have been friends since. We spent the rest of the filming hangingout daily. we both ended up making-out with 2 backupdancers. (+2 points. They were hot) They even locked us in a closet on set. I still have the scissors I stole from that closet.. aww. Mommy I kissed a dancer!
Im still in contact with him, hes a really nice guy. Just a big fan off tha ladies.
One of the final days of filming.. whit and I put all our stuff into 1 purse. It was the graduation scene. We hid the purse under some stairs. At the end of the day. All our stuff was stolen except my camera which was hidden under a shirt. fortunately, they threw our purse away, so we found it. At least they didn’t take our makeup.

We are friends to this day and her Best Buddy is Sheby. They are sweeties.

Ting tong bing bong

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