we all make mistakes.
some good, some bad.

i let myself become something i hated
im happy with the fact i can become my old self again

selfish and content

what could stop me doesnt even exsit
it was just a beautiful lie
a mistake
maybe good, maybe bad

for right now, all i have is anger and hate

it feels nice. its driving me in a nice direction
its the same one ive been on for years
i guess seeing the world is closer then i assumed

nothing can stop me.
you cant break what is broken
you cant crawl in if theres no opening
you cant cut what is stone
you can wait tho
like i did years ago
but its worthless
im the best lost cause

its funny how i was the one
who thought i was different

im the same person
i just believed a lie
thank goodness i got back my senses

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