Happy Brthday to Me

hey Britney i hope you are happy with what you have
and what you had to do to get it, and who you had to hurt
i hope it will hurt you, i hope it haunts you

I become best friends with a boy
We get along amazingly. We hangout from the afternoon till the next day.
He makes me feel like a child. We made the mistake to kiss. To cuddle. To fall asleep together
Wrapped up in each other.
Anything we do is brand new. Then our other male friend
Cheats on his girl. She takes him back. She is small and weak and terrified of being alone.
She sucks my best friend in.
Behind my back, behind the cheaters back. They have a romance.
The day before my birthday, he tells me, he wants our friendship back before the kissing, the cuddling, the falling asleep together. He loves me. But his heart is with her.
I wish I had a warning sign. Too bad for me, he was good with secrets.
And she was best at playing innocent.
Weeks before, all she asked for was a friend, she said she needed someone like me
She doesn’t deserve it
No good friend lies
No good friend cheats on her boyfriend with a guy that has his best girlfriends smitten over.


on another note.
i love LA i love tinkerbug
i love mike and rook and zack and kenny and sean
i love ashley for being my german lover
i love jef for taking me to the beach
i love the mope-head ride to amazing fries
i love how no one speaks english
i love elizabethhh for showing me urth and a good conversation
i love making cakes!
i love point blank
i love playing graveyard and being the young one
i love what the future has in store

i need to be happy.
and im stoked about seeeing gary-bear
woot woot for movie night

dancing will be fun tonight

much love

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