Cupid darlingg

im breathing in
and suffocating on the blood that fills my lungs
from the holes i recived by your arrow, dear cupid.
this halo tourture you have placed upon my brow
as a reminder of their sin
but this puncture i have felt its repetitive
the wound are closing slower
scar tissue growing grey
screaming your damned name
bastard of aphroditie let me be take mercy of this empty subsist
i know now what you came to teach
what more can i give you that your not asking for?
your missing every shot
heart beats and still intact.
your just taking away my breath
left gasping for air
i will in honor, dear master give into you
in all vengence of every broken heart taken out on me
i take these battle wound and scream in shear pain of lust and caring
there was never love to have in the first place
i learned the hard way by your teachings
your not a god but a demon
and now vengence is on my side

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