Others Facts About me

i posted on myspace what people knew of me

here is is :
angela you shower in the dark and its fucking weird

Your fav band on the planet is Saves the Day

you dot wear any color except black

angel you are the best at
covering back street boys

you support a scouse club
good fer nuthin Liverpool
even if they just signed Fernando Torres

ur hot and i would do you in the ear
over and over

nice boss and sleeps too much

you are hard to read and its not even when i am trying
in casual conversation you will go into a weird angelland
and talk nonsense about your cat and about saving people
with superpowers

- you dance down the isles of Sally's to Britney Spears...
- you drink Bawls soda everyday pretty much...
- you love drunk Thumba
- lesbians think you are hot
- you are a super free spirited lady..
- you are a bad ass manager..
- you get excited easily..
- you are the queen of giving nicknames..
- you are hilarious..

uuummmm......i used to call you alta and you like cleaning my room

you don not shut up about your cat

you melt your shoes on fireplaces and blame my mo

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