Calgon... Calgon......

sleep is not on the list for the evening. no tired-eyes get a window seat or a wine list.treated like everything else i put on the back burner.
why is it that so man y people are dependant on the interweb?

i know i can play dirty cop that tells you to not break the law.. i know it was for attention i thought i wasent getting. as soon as i found out these people are far from who i would want to impress.. a bright light came upon me.
show me love. comment me. tell me you want to meet me
when you doooo meet these people.. was the outcome as sweet as the chase?
or did the chase burn as bad as the dissapointment you had
when you saw freddie kruger at your doorstep?
i dont mean to hate.i mean to learn. am i just turing my nose to high
finding myself to be too thoughtful and content that i dont need random attention from strangers?
step off that note
ipods are taking over.

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