Green light means go

get in my way i shall step on your toes.
why does one girl have so many coffee cups yet,
dislikes the taste of coffee?
garage sale soon.
come buy my crap.
new ringtones..
if you call ... and rap plays.. thats a bad sign
rap is always a bad sign anyway
jigga jigga wha
my short hair is leaving me
these vitamins are doing the trick
who would of thought a manager of GNC
that had his pecks tickle his ears
know so much?
well done sir.
oh, and not having cable.. BUT HAVE INTERWEB ACCESS
i have watched music videos on youtube
and come on saves the day! how the frick can you have the best written songs of all times yet such poorly artistic videos?
we need to have a lil talk
well, i will just talk to the steering wheel
while i THRU BEING COOLing myself

oh and folks.
folks? i mean my sister that is the only one who read these things
i have news.
do not eat gharam crackers off the floor
there are ants on the other side

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