I will not fight in a battle I know I will lose. Call me a coward, but I will not sacrifice blood or limb for a country that is already corrupt. I have been on the battlefront; I have seen noble men die, some by my own hand. Sadistic and knowledgeable. To have your platoon companion die in your arms, that my friends, is hell on earth. Watching a scared, faithful enemy attacking me for the cause. This once-called patriot will have my white flag at half-mast. Why so much anger towards my freedom? I have never felt so tied down without any rights or privileges. Selfish Generals send me into a clear shot when many others would be in my position just to serve the cause. Fuck the cause. I have my own problems and my own emotional scars to face each day. Let alone, serving this country. Lies. So many deceiving stories just to make me feel like all this has a purpose. I read the newspapers. I am not an idiot. I know what is really happening and how I am a pawn in a game by a powerful person. This is not fair and it never will be. Beautify your words dear General.. Sounding so sweet and right when it drips into poison you serve your underdogs. I am not alone. Your own country can see your desire for oil. Not for humanity. I will die with my hands in the air when I surrender, But not from my pretend enemy, but a stray bullet from you. If by chance I live, I will become a traitor, and plan to shatter your spine, dear General. A break I will be blessed to have Give my Purple heart to your fake devoted That’s all they wanted anyway

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