sometimes you feel like a fuck up.
i have fallen, its most likey the wosrt position i have been it yet, however im up to the challange.
im here.
do not stop me.
loved ones come and go, and you have to question your faith.
you have to question life, because no else will make you feel like you need to find hope.
that there might be there is no other paths after your body lets go of the person you once were.
someday ill go too, someday my greatest love will leave me a widow.
21 with anti-wrinkle cream.
i want to accept where i will go, but i just get this knot pulling tighter in my chest.
i know this cant be it. i have been so unbelievebly happy for so long that i cant even fathom not being here, not being me.

just a thought or memory.
please remember me well, and if i have ever hurt one of you, or you have never had the chance to say something. do it. call me. write me. give me that chance to know what has been on your mind. i dont want any one-sided enemies. i dont want to have any person hold regret behind my back.

i am 21 go on 40

its okay. im happy. i just have needed some time to breath. i know i havent been the best friend lately, or late night phone calls. and i have been asked if i am okay.

im fine.

i just dont like losing someone that that i admire and love. it was so quick and i now can never say goodbye. i know it happens alot. and there are alot of "i know how you feel"s out there. but im just in this ditch, waiting to WANT to climb out, and i think im ready.

i just needed some open space to escape.

thank you.

Dave, you are a great guy and you will be missed.
thank you for your smile.

thank you for your honest and tender ways
and how you help make anyone confortable in a crowd.
your mom will be in my prayers.

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