Shallow Sick Sweet and Skinny

so, a young lad that i have been crushing on made a few remarks about me.
 he stated that:

"Angel used to be hot, 
its sad shes not in her prime anymore,"

he also said later
"well, at least shes got a hot face"

just to make it publicly clear to myself

i love me. i have a great personality and i am a honest, good person, with very good intentions. i do my best. to what i find in a good person, i am damned close, there is no such thing as perfection..but i dont find myself doing anyone wrong to anyone else intentionally, and i dont not walk on other to get my way. i would rather take the long road then walk on someone else to get my way and i never justify my actions. i find myself good looking and i think i have a skinny yet curvy body, i am one of the few models that actually has a nice rack and for one dumb ass boy to say something rude regarding me not having a nice body can kiss my cute ass. i am 5'10 and 135 lbs thats a damn good size. i am trying my best to not let others effect me in a bad way. sooooo if you know your the one that said that ...and you are reading this ,

go piss off.

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