Las Vegas brings all da boys to da yard

i went on a vacation with friends last week to Las Vegas.

i met part of my friends that i had no idea existed. sometimes when i get a kink in my neck or a shooting pain down my side, i wonder if it just age catching up with my wise brain or if i have to rough with myself over this past 20 years. i am going to italy soon. i havent told the people i should in my life, but it is set that i am going. the problem is i will have to deticate myself to a grueling task of working out and eating air. if you know me well enough, you would be aware how i live to eat. im worried i wont be ready when the time comes to head off to europe. i've even talked to a doctor about surgery. my parents are supporting me 100 percent also, so that makes me feel a bit better. i dont know what to say, i guess im thankful for this oppertunity. ah and also, who dry humps with out even kissing the person? people are weird.

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