off subject. rest peacefully

written to- C. F.
i love you,
you know who you are.
save me a seat
i'll leave one empty for you.
i wish i could give you my burdens and spread them in
the ocean on your journeys.
i know you would if you had the chance.
if i needed to feel conforted, it was you i felt childlike with
even when i felt like i could never see who i was
you gave me a mirror, i wish i was as strong as you
and i cant think of not having you in my life.
it has made me realize who is truly important
and who is around just to steal the ride
i want to live up to your expectations
I'll be in your shoes
your in my prayers
i wish i could say goodbye
but im scared to admit there is a goodbye
maybe i will write this down and give it to you.............

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