rambeling in metephor

in B flat

Incompetence is breeding like useless rodents
Standing on a chair, not in fear. But in a strategic planned dance
To wait for them to accumulate, then to jump and land on as many as possible.
feeling every bone break and bodies crush under my weight.
Bleak noises inch to my senses from my casualties
Oh dear, I have stained my skin with the sanguine fluid
What a little mess you made….
I mean the mess I made,
sorry for blaming you for everything
Your just so easily bended
How can I not take advantage of you?
Aw, don’t be hurt or you’ll be playing hypocrite
And you don’t like playing fair now do ya?
I learned my extermination skills from a legend
Be proud my good man.
Look at the creation you have designed in your image
Am I not perfect to what you desired to be yourself,
Or does looking in the mirror reflect more then it should?
Master I am flawed.
Now what do I do?
The purpose I was built for does not exist

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