think'n of the day

Relationships are a replacement for people that cant love themselves. ********************************************************** i freak’n respect myself. its not cockiness, its confidence. i don’t think i am better then anyone. everyone is equal and we are all the same people in different situations. how you react to the situation proves how strong or weak you are all people were built with weakness is different aspects i see people fall from their hardship and then recover that doesn't make them flawed, it makes them amazing to be able to fight a weakness you were made to have, that my friends, is amazing I can almost say I am envious that I don’t have temptation in places that most do It’s a hard battle that I have never had to prove I can win But I will have, and already had some hardships One it obivous, I have a hard time feeling accepted so I give myself 2 options: One, try my best to analyze them and find a basis to relate to them to initate conversation Or two, ignore them and build a wall and try my best not to get to know them, or them to me Call me stubborn, I’ve heard many things behind my back Most I can agree with in person, and fret alone

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