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"love" is an emotion the brain created as an emergency self-destruct mechanism.
It was made so if the human can not grasp reality, it releases an obsessive yearning for something to make the person feel like they have to serve a purpose. The purpose is being in lust with a noun or object. If the purpose is fulfilled, the person has a yearning to have children to care take for to still "love".
However, if the purpose is not fulfilled, the person goes on a "game of chase" to try to find someone to have this yearning and belonging for.
This game is the average pas time for adolescence. It is a way the sub-contious tricks the rest of the mind to be more productive. Also, the brain will use all problems and ‘broken dreams’ and allow the mind to blame it on the person being chased.
This feeling called ‘love’ will be the main objective to focus on for most people in these days. For acceptance is running rapid in this materialistic world. When some minds figure out that this all is just a self- destruct mechanism, it will make the person in question bitter, lonely, hopeless, and lazy. To find out your own mind fooled you to believe false emotions will cause depression and serenity.

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