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Current mood: discontent
I have to put my dog Brandy to sleep. She is 15, and has cancer. Brandy is in allot of pain. She hasn’t eaten in days I won’t be able to either now. She is going to a better place. I just wish i had reassurance. My friends haven’t answered the phone. Few of my best ignore me. I don’t know what I did wrong. I need to go to bed. It will hurt less after i pretend it’s been a day. I’m going to take allot of naps to pass the time by. Sleeping makes the world proceed and freeze myself I’ll be 19 next Monday . Maybe when I am a year older, things wont be so bad. trying to become a hermit to this anguish emotion I might run away to Egypt. Become a peasant and worship Anubis. Maybe in Cairo my new beloved’s can exploit me too. The Utopian wont mind my truancy

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