April 14, 2005

Sandra Dee's Opinions
Vegan/ Veggie- good and selfless lifestyle that is hard to live by. A lot of dedication and choices made. Can’t quite understand why some people do it. I know that sometimes its about showing off, or it’s a fad. But I know it is for a good cause. i'm trying to see if its for me right now, i went to the veggie fest today, 4/23/05 and i learned alot I was veggie for a bit. ** Edit** and i did it because i would always feel guilty because i wasnt standing up for something i felt stongly about. But I lacked in too much nutrition and had to start eating turkey for protein. Drinking- No. I have never had alcohol in my system. I have not tasted it. It has never touched my lips. I think that it changes your logic and helps you do what your worst inhibitions want you to. Underage drinking is idiotic. Most people drink for the fun, yet it comes with some horrible consequences. I know drinking is immature and it depresses me how much the beer industry effect our economy. Oooh no…..All of the cool-drinking girls want to beat up the Mormon preacher girl. Those people your hanging with, my lil party girl.. they’re not real friends. You have allot of numbers in your phone, and you always have something to do on the weekends. but those people that are your weekend friends and there not there to stay. All they are is drinking buddies. You don't matter. Really. You pitch in your half of the money for the beer. and you all get plastered and get on the same group of boys. and for me to go up to those girls (staying anonymous) and telling them they need to shut up because no one else is enjoying their idiotic ways. You all can hate me if you want. but from 14 my friends have drank and done drugs and I haven’t ever touched that crap. You look stupid. You make stupid mistakes. You say stupid things. You can put the people around you in harm you have a nice chance of getting rapped. Wow, all of that but "it feels good" "it loosens you up" "it relaxes you" screw drinking all together. It’s lame. I do not hate people that drink. I hate what they can become when it’s in their system its sad how morals can just die within seconds. I have had some friends get in some horrible situations that i would never even wish on my worst enemy. and they can sit there and say how hard life is or all the trials they have had. But that is one trial and painful experience they created themselves. And it wont get any better until they can grow up and understand that you dot need to get messed up to have a good time. And there is better ways to meet guys. And that if a guy is drunk, and you get on him.. He most likely won’t even remember you tomorrow, let alone be madly in love with you. Drink when you are mature to understand the consequences. And would be able to handle them. Otherwise, go read a book and do something productive. Drugs- I have never done any drugs in any form in my life. I never will. Some drug in some circumstances should be legalized. I am highly against marijuana. It should only be used for medicinal use by cancer patents and people suffering from cardiac. Drugs are not a game. Are not fun. Are terrible for your body and mind. Alternates who you are an effects everyone around you in a negative way. More information on how I feel about drugs CLICK HERE Smoking- www.thetruth.com I am against it. Sex- I know that sex is a weapon. To hurt you, or hurt others. It’s an emotional gesture between two people. It is also a Neanderthal-like thing that so many live for. The disgusting thrill. You may ask if maybe I am a dike, or had something crappy happen to me in the past to feel this way. But no, I love men. And nothing bad has happened. I am however, a virgin. A, actual Virgin Mary. I have not gone any farther then PG-13. The whole idea of sex seems so lame and simple. I know what goes on during sex and it seems so primitive to me. And unnecessary. Also, I am one of the many religious folks here on myspace. And with the religious factor in place. I know that god made this way of reproduction “so much fun” so we would have he desire to ‘do it’ and populate this earth. But now it’s not necessary. We are such intelligent beings that we should focus on curing cancer and 3rd world hunger, rather making up a new heated flavored oral gel. Why cant we use those billions of American dollars spent on pornography on global warming? We claim to be so smart and civilized, yet we cant get rid of our primitive instinct Cuddling- I love it. I haven’t cuddled with anyone in a very long time. fun for everyone, except when you like the person, and they don’t like you at all. Mechanical cuddling and kissing can burn a whole on you that wont scar over for a long period of time. Kissing- it can be emotional and a break through.. or just fun. I prefer it to be a way of signifying my attachment to someone.. either a cheek peck to a guy I am friends with, same with mah ladies, or show a boy I care. But I think it should be the guys first move. I am a lady of course. Holding hands- yes. Relationships, And about men my age, About dating. I do not like to have boyfriends. I love to get to know people. I like to be hyper. I have a lot of things going for me, I like to flirt and I like my out-going ways. I cant be that person if I was tied down. It would piss him off and make him jealous, and we would fight about it a lot. And if I cared about someone then, I should keep him or her as far away from me. If they don’t hurt me, then it would be them. And that’s not fair for me to put someone I care about in a position to get hurt. If I like them, I need to let them go. I might be the best person to depend on.. Until it comes down to being a girlfriend. Then I’m obligated to be there. And I can’t leave when I want. I go out with people I think are jerks and cocky, just so it wont work out, and I can give him my two cents and make them hurt like they have made a million girls hurt. I embrace my enemies, & Keep my loved ones at arms distance "I say we wait till the little bastard is at home flexing in the bathroom mirror then sneak up behind the door so when he leaves his reflection we can block his leg and make him fall on his face, in pain.... Bruised his beautiful chin.... Wrap his fists together with ripped up plastic bags until his fingers don't move as i am laughing and jesting and the entertainment we have done, i will tie his legs together then you can do the final touch, put ducked tape over his nose... lets put him in the bathtub and let it fill. everytime he tries to yell, his lungs take in water everytime he moves his hands, the bags fill up with more water. He is becoming his own anchor and in the water... he looks like he's dying in his own reflection. If i can relate to him so much, it hurts enough just to hurt him." gay marriage Okay. Marriage = a tradition practiced and made by RELIGIONS if you want to just have the benefits of being married, then why not push for POWER OF ATTORNEY?!?! IT’S THE SAME THING. It gives you the same rights as a marriage partner. amost all religions don't believe in same sex partners.. so why would you want to be apart of a ceremony that does not encourage your lifestyle? marriage is one of the few traditions that we know of that is still practiced. It’s based on RELIGOUS beliefs on how to unite a man and woman. There is no religion that isn’t a 'reborn' or 'branch off' religion that believes in the marriage of two people of the same sex. If people that are atheist want to get 'married' then they can, if it was apart of the unwritten rules of this religious ceremony. But marriage was built by religion almost ALL religions do not approve of same sex marriage why promote or at least call your binding "married" when the whole basis of your label was made by beliefs that think your love is wrong? Do you want to support that? Or do you want to bind your self in the eyes of the government to prove that your partners? Who are you doing it for? God or the government? i think that homosexuals should have a ceremony... and a legal binding. there's nothing wrong with them, but if in the eyes of religion they are, then don't support it. they deserve ALL the same rights though ------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- Life ‘n general to what i agree, how this society is built, it has made it so clothing, cars, and popular belief are now the only able way for some one to fit in. and that is a horrible thing. But to my defense- the beliefs and life preference i have and i abide to are things that i have felt are right, and have been developing for years, so i can become the person my parents raised me, and become the person i want to be, its a huge merge. and often conflicting. So the only "escape" you can call it, is music that i can relate to my frustrating life. But i can say that and not look like a complete ass because i was into this lifestyle and music long before the whole simple plan/Ashley Simpson dictatorship. and it hurts for me to hear people calling me a 'scene kid' or a 'fashionXcore girl' because i don't want to even be known or seen, let alone be noticed for what i like. I really dislike people understanding me, and music is my Achilles heel. But it’s the popular thing to like, so I’m screwed. But i at least have not chopped my hair off and not dyed pink in it. I don't drive a Honda civic. I don't go to coffeehouses in hopes of seeing a cool local band member. Don’t own a good charrlott CD. I hate everyone for real reason. I don't make up being suicidal. I don't own a belt with scull and cross bones on it. I don't say that I’m BI cause its the cool thing to do. I don't cry all the time. I just have a whole bunch of damn good CDs that you don't enjoy. I have a lot of built up emotion over the years. Nothing horrible has happened to me to make me feel this way. Nothing that Dr. Phil could figure out. I was just born to be angry and yet open-minded. I have never actually belonged to a “group” or a “crew” I used to run with the straight edge kids, but I realized that every moral I admired them for was out dated. And a lot of things that they did were for more of the lifestyle, rather then the principles. It could have been just the sxe girl And if you disagree with anything i wrote, then please reply. If you hate me, then click on my lil picture and write me a lil email, i most likely won’t write you back. I’ll just print it off and laugh and show my real friends. I’m sick of being the outcast because i hold strong opinions. .

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