name stays the same but the title does change it is the way the arrow shows order is pleasant yet dragging disractions welcomed bringing new plot lines allow this character to be caring with two open sacks and car full of gas feeling beautiful giving the lead role to the less fortunate so many built up emotions over it show through actions your goodbye she's lucky your the fool this time ---------------------------------------------------- good bye Jeddi good bye alisha you both played an amazing part of my life. you came in when i was confused on who i want to be. you let me be a aunt and have another brother. even though your choices are not what kristin wanted, i still love you both. watching you and kristin fall in love, stay together, get married, and fight made me choose at a young age to try hard not to get in any relationship. i regret passing up a few good guys in the past, i fear to repeat what you guys went through. it not fair for the guys i might have hurt in the past. believe me, i feel bad. but i know that i wont go for a guy that can manipulate me like what you did to her. but you made her feel special, even tho part of your love was built on a lie, you still made her happy. and eisha, you are the closest thing i have ever had to a little sister or neice, and even tho you were my step neice, i loved u as if you we born by my own sister. i hope when you get older, you will try to stay in contact with me because i want to know about your first kiss, and your favortie music, and i want to go to your graduation. i told you i promised to be your favortie auntie, and i pray that i can keep my part of the bargan.

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