The lack of intensity is obvious. It’s destined that the robber will get caught in the act and prosecuted. It is what she deserves. Yet this time it is not jewels, money or gold. Sure she is a criminal, but you cant live off the world’s expenses. Take all that is offered. Steal the things you can’t have. The tricky makeup and black clothes. Lurking in places you wouldn’t guess. Not this time. Its all for that shake. The small quiver that brings a horrible sensation. One thing that is not materialistic. A surprise to be the Taurus. One small hope that can’t be stolen or taken. It’s a damn gift. One gift that belongs to someone that reminds the little thief that they’re not giving it up. It’s not painful that this shake won’t ever belong to her. But the fact of the owner doesn’t notice that she prays for it, and if the owner knew, they most likely wouldn’t care. Life of crime is a lot easier then living in honesty. If you live in honesty, you have to face the facts. Life of crime means you can fake you life away And take and steal anything to rid yourself of pain.

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