long distance seems terrible..........

note to self, dont meet amazing guys when modeling in NY. you will leave and he wont be coming with you

dear santa, i want to cuddle with karr again. i love you. amen. Karr: i miss you butterfly =( angel: i miss you too! i wanted to spend the week with you!!!! Karr: i know, destiny is a bitch angel:lol. i thought that life is a bitch Karr: her too. Karr: so Vegas is a no for sure? Aww I am all heart broken angel: yea, jill cant go and I was excited to spend it with you and see my noodle Karr: I wanted you to be my new years kiss!!!! Are you sure? angel: I’m all blushin!! I haven’t seen you in soooo long, yea. Jill is sad too =( Karr: what a noodle? angel: noodle is one of my best buddies. I still have the picture! Karr: I still cuddle my bear. angel: hahahahaha we are so lame. Well, do you want to call me when you leave the gym? I wont go to bed yet if you don’t want me to Karr: no, go to bed and I will call you in the morning. You not lame, your perfect. angel: blushin again. no, I want to say goodnite! I don’t like this one bit. Move to salt lake and live under my bed. Karr: I wish. lol. You move to flordia, and you can live wherever you want in my room angel: I wish. but I don’t like alligators. But I like you. Regulate. Karr: your cute, I will call you in a hour k? angel: I will be waiting….. bye.

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