people are fake and acted like they care about things just because they know it’s a big subject for you. and no one actually gives a damn about anything else except themselfs love passion lust like despise detest hate fear too many emotions that are taken for granted and used too much by everyone going out and becoming something that your not, just to prove to a crowed that your happy and content wit the life you live but you don’t its just a painted on smile just like the clothes you wear, or the ink, or piercing, or the car you drive, or freakn “bling, bling” just do it if its something for you! Not if its ‘cool’ !!! its all to prove that your something, even if its not what you are or want to be FAKE! You tan to make the scars fade, you dye your hair for a change of your looks but whats the point? Why do you change? Why does everyone change who they are? And fake like its apart of them? You let them get to you you do it for them or do you do it for you? no one cares how many hearts they break till they are happy with what they have don’t ask me out and then pretend like the words never left your mouth don’t tell me im a friend and then leave to hang out with some one more ‘cool’ don’t call me up to say hi when you just want to see how my life is going to hell each and every person that I thought I could count on left and acted like I died as soon as I got on that plane im not dead, im back here and you have all found someone new to fit my mold to replace me to fill the empty void where I one had a place at but now im here and waiting for you all to feel as homeless as I do your not here for me but I will be there for you, no matter what the cost im going to sit here and watch you fill your boat with sand and sink to the bottom all I can do is I give up, all this crap, liars, cheats I wont fall into your trap you demented beast everyone is a slave to these shitty emotions and you cant do anything about it. excepting. i decided that I want to talk to people that don’t put up a mask to impress me so I guess im a loner on a Saturday night again with the few that care and a few that think they do

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