it is 8am, I am awake.

Please don’t expect me to say anything intelligent or awesome. Or if you already don’t, high five.
Its quite early for me. I couldn’t sleep all night.
My work has had someone out in the world, that is amazing.. give us the chance to purchase gifts for our teens that we feed need/deserve it most.. NOT saying some that don’t get gift are undeserving, but we know there are others that might need it more.
So I was up all night, price checking clothes on random websites and also, worrying about getting my house clean and ready for the holidays.
You see, I think I’m an okay gal, but I have an issue with picking up my crap.
I own far too much clothing, shoes and purses. It’s a thick layer on my floor. I have a walk in closet, but it cant handle the beast of crap I own.

So right now, I’m praying my tummy feels better, then going to pick up, then head off to work.

I cant afford to pay my cell phone this month,


If I rolled dice, this month is snake eyes.

I finally found my retainer! I’ve been on such a hunt.

High five. Small update.

Meow meow

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