I dislike Girls.

something i should mention:
Still talking to studlystud. Great, amazing, handsome, funny, guy who lives so so so far away.
As I mentioned in a previous post, I met him thru a girl. A girl that ive never hungout with besides me saying hello to her at her work.
So I meet stud by running into her at her work.
This girl- has a boyfriend, then text me saying she lied to studlystud.
Saying I had a boyfriend.
Then told me he is a flirt and he talks to EVERY girl.
Then,( even tho she has a boy), tells me to NOT to flirt, or read into anything with stud, because she secretly likes him
..... Boyyyy I don’t think her boyfriend would like that.
Isn’t that emotionally cheating?
So, this girl who would ditch me each time I ask to hangout.
Lies about me not being single,
Tells me that hes a flirt/player,
then tells me not to go for this fellow because she likes him, (and her boyfriend)

stud had no idea any of this was said, so he kept asking me to come hangout, and to bring her. Stud kept flirting with me. I didn’t know what to do.
Should I
(A) respect her wishes, and NOT talk to him….even tho she is being selfish, and not wanting her guy friend to date a girl (me) that could possibly make him happy, because she feels like she needs to cock block him, but not tell him the truth that she actually likes him, or tell her own boyfriend she is crushing on her best guy friend
(B) keep talking to stud, ignore her, and just hope she grows up and understands that she cant control everything, and love and respect her own boyfriend or
(C) tell stud the truth, that she is secretly trying to control the communications between him and other girls in hopes to one day, date him. Because she actually likes him, and that she lied to him.

I chose to just keep talking to him, and kept trying to be nice to her, instead she called me a "blonde taint sucking bitch."
Mature right?

Then as a mature, lady keeps talking negatively about me and even deletes me from the glorious facebook.

Lets have a round of applause for this class act…..

so stud and I are still doin our thing.
He is coming to salt lake to hang with me and my fam. Lets see how that all goes…..

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