No Doubt

envy is such a silly thing
just because i did not give up my beliefs... like you
doesnt mean you need to dirty my name
the people that matter will see your lies
this isnt a competition
it never has
i suppose thats why youve feared honesty
you wanted to fit in
i know this
you were always such a pleaser
i find this hilarous
go about your life
and leave my name out of it
maybe get a hobbie...? ha
im straight edge, 6 years stong. im a virgin 22 years stong.
stop being jealous
you didnt need to be a sell out whore.
you chose that life and i chose mine

leave me the hell alone

I have been on and off being friends with a girl, and its so hard to decide wither or not if she is being honest. she has embellished stories to the point that.. things and fun random nights she has had with me, gets retold to others with band members in place of my name, cities, situations. I dont think she even realizes she keeps changing her stories.
but me as the fool i am, keep accepting all her stories and excuses.

i once dated an amazing guy.
he told me that my sweet innocent friend got drunk with his buddies and even hooked up with one. i broke it off with him, thinking he was making up lies and causing drama. little did i know, she later admitted he was telling the truth. by then, he was engaged to another girl.

i have regretted putting her friendship first over a good person like him.
he was only trying to help.

she has told people that i am judgmental, and close minded, thats why we cant be friends.
no, we cant be friends because you dont know who you are.
you need help. and until you can accept that, and figure out what is reality, and what is a stretched truth for attention. i dont want to be friends with you, so the previous rant. thats what you wanted.
you can stretch that however you want.

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