Sunday Sunday Sunday

Watching: Marc Pease Experience

woke up late, I'd say..... 2pmish
in my bed.
My bed is covered in a layer, about a foot thick.
Of clothing
Clean clothing
Clothes I cant fit into my walk in closet.
Im ghetto
I know
I have been cleaning and organizing my room for over a month now
I own far too much clothing
Boxes of lotion
Boxes of makeup
Im trying to downsize
I have so much crap it looks like a mall has exploded in my parents basement
Hot topic and thrift stores have thrown up all their reject clothes
Boooooomblllagggeeerrrrrr… all over my room
I cant even function
So its time to clean up
Be a big girl
Wear mah big girl pants
Niiice and snug
Oh baby
So in july…. I was in a car accident
it was the fourth of july, I was with a beautiful latino shorty
He didn’t treat me anything more then his friend
I was blind
And infatuated
Anyways, some sweet heart dude, rammed his car into the back of mine
I was slowing down a stop light down town
And he thought I was going to run a yellow light
So as I hit the breaks and he his the gas
Took me all the way out to the intersection
Totaled my baby
Mia amore
My silver bullet
Gone gone gone
Set my shorty into a seizure and almost lost my head in a whiplash of doom
As we exchanged info on car insurance, I looked back at the crash site and saw my spoiler
Sitting in the intersection
And some lovely fellows hopped out of their cars and grabbed it,
I though they were bringing it back to me, but they took off
Those asscows stole my spoiler

Well, I haven’t had a car since july
I couldn’t find one with the low amount of money I got from insurance
And my parents only wanted me to get “the best”
How can I get the bloody best with les then 2,000?
Guhhhh not happinin eh?

!!!!!! Well today my glorious father found a car on craigslist.com !!!!!!
Perfect price
Great look
Dark silver, automatic, power windows, power locks, CD player, sunroof, Not much body damage, IN MY PRICE RANGE
We bought it
Ive been sad and carless for 4 months and look at me now
Im a car owner again
We are picking it up tomorrow
My friend Sean that I met at the 48hour project (film competition)
Wants to go to a no-budget local movie and asked me to be his date
Its about zombies. And before that I am going to my friends house to pick up backpacks of concert flyers
. Long night
Short day.
Ive missed most of Sundays sunlight so im not going to assume
its only because im sick that im so pale.

ps. jason swartman is my dream boy. his cute bulb nose. tank body.
quirky speech. i wish i was his Shiksa

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