Backstory: Teens Pt 2

at 19 my body catches up with mother nature

2nd option for a social, clothing obsessed, ex skeleton:
I wanted to go to fashion school
I worked for a modeling agency as the wardrobe stylist, and I worked freelance for photographers. I was a personal shopper. I did this after I worked for the government, right after I moved back the final time from italy. Intense
Very busy.
Very obsessed with trying to look good. It wasent healthy. Picked and prodded myself to the point of self loathing. Luckily I was fired for unkown reasons. It gave me a chance to love every part of me.

I now work non-profit for an at risk teen program as a youth mentor.
I take care of, councel, the youth of my community. It was the best thing that could have happened to me.
Having people a good 4-5 years younger then me
The same age group that I was, when I was in bars and clubs in new york, asking French photographers what a Charlie chapman was and doing photoshoots in vintage bathrooms. Being stipped down to the almost-nothings and have adult men take photos of me.
But… taking care of at risk teens. This was my blessing in disguise.
To be the “big sister” to have someone ask me what is their best choice. Ive made many adult choices and its my turn to help youth make the right choices I didn’t have.

Now, after a long break of falling in love with the people around me, I wanted to get back into the art of fashion design.

Stay tuned

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