Wow, im under the impression that im getting old
Is it just me, or a band around my age has changed dramatically?
Style sound. Everything.
I only knew the words to one song.
Saosin, I think you broke up with me last night.

It good music, is just not the same.
So strange. Maybe ill youtube.com them and give it another try.
It just wasn’t nostalgic. One of the Saisonfellos I met, I forgot till last night that I actually met before. He wanted to get a tattoo downtown one night, I was doing hospitality, so I walked him to the Shop. He had such good manners. One of my street teamer kept asking people for hugs. It was cute but creepy. I don’t want us to be seen as creepy. If he was only hugging friends or asking first, and hugging band members he admired, it would have been better. But he was hugging people over and over and no one knew what to do.
We had a chat, I bought him pizza, we are all good.
But yeah manner fello. High five. Thank you for being in a band and being in good spirits. People like that fello make my job easier .
The lighting
Holy crap lightyguy for Saosin. You did an amazing job! I wish I could have talked to the light person. Anyone should have been there. I hope who ever lightingfello is, knows what a good job he did. It match perfectly with the music. It helped create the ambiance. It made for a show, that I knew nothing of the music, even more enjoyable. i wish I could explain it. But it was so much contrast with color, and effect of shinning from above, below, directly on face. Love it. Ive never spent a show admiring light like last night.

I saw my buddy Weston at the show, I met him on set of High School Musical. I miss him. He is one of the few people I could count on. He lives like, 45 min away, and our schedules are so very different. He might have gotten a job at hot topic. Fingers are crossed. BAM.

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