Nose fell off for my bby

So my Boss at the AtRiskTeenCLub has been gone for a week. Heres an idea on how this place can suck
In 4 YEARS. Im the longest working employee
Ive only been here 1 year this October.
Sad right?
People just cant take it, or they get frustrated with how it all works.
Its all different reasons.
All suck.
So all the kids really cling to me. I had to have the sex talk with a group of 5 boys. It can get strange yall!
So this week has been stressful. We have had around 50 kids come, and 3 employees. And its hard enough to give them one-on-one attention.
Today, I had one of my older kids write me a 3 page letter on how much me and my old co worked Dave have influenced him to change his life and graduate school.
I feel amazing. I really needed that. He even wrote that he wants me to be happy and he wants to make me and Dave proud.

Dun dun dun
I went to an allergist. I have been in hives for awhile now. Finally. The doctor takes your arms, and he covers them with lines and numbers. Then he take 40 different things I could be possibly be allergic to and pricks my skin. 18. was Maple trees. The kind of trees in my parents yard and the trees my Dad obsessives over. “all other trees are CRAP trees, I wont be caught DEAD with a CRAP tree”
(think of that with a loose English accent)
By the way my dad is english.
29. was dust.
The film over all my massive number of belongings
And number 39.

CAT. The love of my life, my reason to live. The best thing any girl could ask for! My Vandal! The cat I named after my favorite SAVES THE DAY song. My partner in crime. Him. The sweet little black cat who will only cuddle in the morning, as he sits on my boobs and licks my face and bitting my cheeks ‘till I wake up.

AND the #1 thing im allergic to. On a scale of 1-5
Im a 4 for cats
My son
My lovely cat. Ahhhh.

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