Good Evening Ms. Fish

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Here I am.
Who ever I am and what ever “I” means, its here. On the internet, for anyone who is bloody bored at work or school or just cant sleep, can see what is going on the in the world of angela fisher.
Aka angel
Aka angelaita
Aka angel fishguts
Aka anal fist
I’ve heard them all. That all started in elementary school.
Children can be cruel, cant they?
I wanted to love everyone and go steal frogs from the pond located in the graveyard on State Street.
I wanted to pretend a herd of deer were chasing us and we had to hide and peer out of bushes.
My games as a child were not as interesting as my friend, they wanted to put naked ken and Barbie in a plastic bed, with handmade blankets, fit for a couple 10 inches tall, and wait a few minute and make a baby Kelly.
That whole “plastic bed situation” didn’t make sense till my pregnant middle school friend explained how baby kellys are really made.

Also, our idea of fun was to fake protest that we werent allowed to be in boy scouts, SEXIST. so we made our own group. The ALMOST boy scout. We felt as tho we were as tuff and more “hardcore” then the boys at our local church who were participants in the real program.
We did strange weird things, like cut the head of bugs and look at the insides. We covered our feet in duct tape with the intent to make a shoe that could go in the bath and go to bed in.
We took massive water balloon in the winter, and piled them in snow, then after they were frozen, we would take these basket ball sized ice balls, and walk them over to the rich neighborhood, lay them in the road, cover them in snow.
Then watch nice cars run into them and have it ruin the cars front bumpers. No one ever cared a group of kids sat watching. As if, we werent the ones who plotted a perfect round ice block to ruin there car. I never felt bad till now.

Then everyone else grew up.
But…..I have a roll of duct tape, anyone to join me?

I don’t really have a good reason for people to read about me and what I was and who I might become.

But join me.

<3 the lost and lonely

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