Bless the Fart / Long Drives / Hathan

Yesterday, it was nice. i got to play around with my neeewww car.
i have to save up a few pay checks to pay for fixing it up.
i feel so lucky.
worked the bless the fall concert. its a christian band who doesnt remember they slept at my house a fews years ago. your welcome.
the merch guy for Get It On was sick so i stepped it up and started selling their CDs by pointing out people and telling them i need 5 bucks to give them a CD for a present.
it worked
i sold 11 CDs. to people who didnt have a clue what was going on... besides some crazy blonde chick made them buy stuff they didnt want..
hiiiigh fiveeeeeee
turns out my friend NJPanda was on this tour. i kept bugging him all night.
afterwards, i went over to JeanShorts house. his boy friend just left. I've been so stressed and bummed out i havent really talked or hungout with anyone. bit i need to get on the ball and confront reality. so seeing JeanShorts was nice. i needed to see him. its been far too long and i missed him.
then NJPanda called and wanted to get kidnapped. so at !!2am!!! i went and picked him up at the house him and the band was staying at.
it tooook forever.
he wins the award for poopiest texter. every time he was supposed to text me where to go or the address, it took maybe 15 n in between each text.
we drove around salt lake.
i was tour guide Barbie.
we went to the MORMON TEMPLE and talked of religion. MEMORY GROVE and froze our panties off. Then drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon and saw a baby skunk. then found a tree house.
by the time our adventure was over it was 7 am.

we talked about.... well i talked alot. its a thing i do. i suck. but we talked about about every nook and cranny of mine and NJPandas lives. it was well needed. lately all ive wanted is someone to connect to. we sat in the car and drew all over the back of a poster. and stupid dorko NJPanda drew my cat as Hitler, he has an Owl tattoo so i gave the owl eyelashes and a 'stach. and since the owl was on one of his hands, i felt as tho his other hand needed a dead mouse, that his left handed owl pooped out.
so i drew it on his hand. it wasent half bad. i guess im really good at drawing dead things. i was sad to have him go but he had a long drive ahead of him, so he kissed my forehead and was out the door.

today, at work (i work at at a non-profit program that mentors at-risk teens & a music venue) at the "club" ie the at risk company, some onf my students got in a fight with my other co worker, they were kicked out and i saw them standing by my co workers car. i ran out there and they were talking about breaking a window or peeeing on his car.
sometimes, chasing teens and telling them your going to call the police can get old.

meehhhhhh so
i got home
i ddnt go out.
i fiddled with my makeup
and took a lovely nap
and now, its Doritos and Hulu.com

hiiigh five.

i miss my best friend, i think im going to kidnap her soon.

<3 stranger

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