Cat, Best friend

Cat Jane
No matter how many live times you think you life or when you’re going to not exist anymore. You have chances to meet great influential people. Friends do come and go. But im one to believe that you meet certain people for a reason
Like a puzzle piece. They fit the timeline your living
And I have been blessed to have my best friend in my life
I’ve always been one to have a lot of random friends
But not many close ones
And now I feel like a dual ship
When I buy clothes; would she wan to borrow them
If I meet a guy
I think about if shell like him
Almost every decision I make
I think of what her opinion will be
When she’s happy I am
When she’s sad, I want to kill whoever made her sad
I used to be envious of people with a large group of buddies
But we don’t need that
Long boarding and giving candy to strangers is more fulfilling
Even a night in watching movies
As long as I have remembered
Ive just stuck to being alone with a handful of acquaintances
Now I have the best person in my life
Caring, loving, thoughtful, fun, random
And plenty more descriptive words
I feel protective and protected
Thank you cupcake

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