2006 summary

this is it
i am 20. my best friend is a collaboration of many. my brother is in japan for the army. my sister spent most of her time on the mountain snowboarding. my dad worked his ass off. my mother shopped and slept and worked. i fought with jill and lost her friendship for 1/2 the year. jesse and i officially hated each other. i got a sweet boyfriend. i met some amazing friends, steph, alex, jono, steph j. natalie, jessica rabbit, graciel, christina, kimba, jamie, mega, liz, sara, adam, the persians, josh and CTH crew, Bridgette, chody, danny v, christana MF, dane, emily, heather, jared, bruce, johnny tall, josh (mr. perfect) barrett, the esiah crew, amanda carmody, luis, max buttons, michal birdfoot, noelle, chad, and lill zach.
i met you all in one freakn year but you all are amazing and i want you all to stay in my life.
also anyone that we met on the road, and those crazy bus fuckers on the way to ohio.
this next year will be the ultimate.

ill be on a boat in the ocean for new years.

besides that, i might be in your town so leave the light on and a couch waiting.


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