hilights of my summer vacation

okay okay okay, listen, okay.

hung out with preston, a sassy guy that is probly the most whitty and smartest guy i know.
my sister and i kept falling asleep on the same couch, i think i have back problems now.

went to disneyland. i fell in love with the guy that dresses up as tarzan. went on 10000 rides. ate too much junk food. stalked mickey mouse.


hung out with Ky, i guy that ive known forever. we watched Goonies and held hands.
we went shoppin with his gal pals.
i need a Ky to follow me home. ?


i went to a concert in hollywood with some chill people
saw some metal bands.
danced by myself.
flirted with 120308503945803 guys.

went shopping by myself. i think i have an addiction.
a guy 'holla'd at me.
he followed me for 3 blocks saying how my legs all long enough to reach heaven, what ever that means.

yesterday, i hungout with a long time friend RYAN and sang the blues (seriously) at his house with his friends till 5 in the morning.

today, i had an amazing day.
i went to my friends concert. on the way mandy and i wrote songs.
she told me i had a 'soul' voice. she didnt mention if that was good or bad.


man, im going to miss CA



Fat Head! look at you! you're full of cholesterol.

The tongue is so ugly. let's us imange it to be Tom Cruise
It took my seven digestive pill to dissolve your hairy crab
dance the lion of others for just some stinky money! its? like razing my brows with kung fu i have taught you
Alternativey, you must follow my advise whomenever i say 'maltose'
if you nagon, ill strange you in chewing gum
Cathrine is a nasbian
a poor band player i was, now i am croodile king
aha! i foget nothing. Elephant balls!
the road is very sweaty. the wet nurse wants rock candy to decot papayas
rad, you cant see edges od this tea-bag underwear
i scare nothing! even you become napkins!
i am urine pot hero!!

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